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We are dedicated to realizing each student’s potential in a wholesome and safe environment focused on the unique needs of young women. Our progressive educational program mirrors the philosophical framework of our name, Temima, meaning complete. We not only fully prepare students for higher education in seminary and college, but also bolster each young woman with spiritual support and individualized attention.


Temima offers an excellent secular education and a deep understanding of Jewish original sources, enabling young women to connect with G-d throughout their lives. Encouraging the full development of the scholar in each student opens the hearts and minds of our young women to truly appreciate G-d’s world. The Temima message is that G-d expects each of us to make complete use of all our G-d given Gifts.

The Temima experience encourages each young woman
to answer in her own heart…

What is my responsibility to other Jews and the world?

Temima Groundbreaking
Sunday November 3rd, 2013


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The Richard and Jean Katz High School for Girls
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